Tamil weddings are, without a doubt, one of the most colorful and vibrant celebrations to be found in Indian culture. With the bride decked out in traditional garments covered in sparkling jewelry and gold, and the groom dressed to the nines in his silk wedding suit, it’s no wonder that Tamil matrimony female photos are some of the most popular pictures from India on sites like Flickr and Pinterest. The big question, however, is what makes Tamil brides so beautiful?

A much shorter way to say Vannga Ponga is just Ponga

Have you never heard of Vaanga Ponga before? Wow, that’s not good. This word also means ‘to come’ and ‘to go’! Tamils are very proud of their language. Consequently, if you do not know the basics of Tamil, a Tamilian is someone you should date! It has been around for over two thousand years and it is very important to them.

They won’t appreciate the foreigner who shows up and pretends not to speak their language. Trying to learn some of the basics in Tamil would be well worth the effort to establish a sense of rapport with the culture. Learning a few common phrases would also be worthwhile if you plan to attend a Tamilan wedding.

Get ready to fall in love with Idly and Dosa

No, Tamilians don’t just eat Idly and Dosa! However, they also adore these special dishes. If you take a Tamilian away from their homeland and by the 2nd week you’ll see them long for the simple tastes of their land, desiring the soft texture of Idlis and crispy texture of Dosai. Expect the simple staple food of Idlis and Dosai on a Tamilian’s breakfast menu at a wedding.

Rise and Shine Sunshine!

I should mention that Tamilian weddings often take place before daybreak so late-night weddings may not be an option. If you like staying up late, you might want to consider pulling an all-nighter. There’s a strong tradition here of waking up early. If you want to get your beauty sleep, then get to bed early.

Get ready for the machans and machis

This is now an alternate pronoun for people of Tamil descent. So, get ready to hear some a lot of people being called mama, macha, and machi at your wedding. There are two words in Haitian Creole that, on the surface, are pretty close in meaning: mama and macha.

Fall in Love with the filter coffee a.k.a. Kaapi

Tamilians are renowned for their brilliant filtered coffee, a kind of coffee they call kaapi. Just one sip and you’ll be tasting heaven. If you love coffee, you’ll love it here! If you go to the wedding feast, you may bump into Tumblr Davara and if you have too much caffeine, you’ll regret it.

Silk sarees and Gold Galore: Tamil Matrimony Female Photos

For an event or even your wedding, there is a high chance they will turn up in a Kanjivaram, the traditional Tamil wedding saree. Silk sarees in Kanjivaram are treasured by Tamilians and considered one of their most valuable possessions. If silk sarees are the peanut butter, gold would be the jelly. It’s time to say goodbye to your old ways. It’s time to switch to Gold!

The family includes the extended

A Tamilian will invariably have a large family. Included in this kinship are those outside the immediate family, such as your aunt’s sister-in-law. Let’s say there are 5 aunts, 10 uncles, and 11 nieces and nephews.

Then the it’s not your, mine, and our; it’s just an extension of the family and if you’re going to become a part of one, then get ready to be showered with all the love and affection that comes with becoming a new member of the brood! While examining the different parts of a traditional Tamil wedding, take care not to get confused.

Their Idols are their Gods

No, these are not the statues of the gods found in Hindu temples. These are the movie theaters which house the big-name actors, singers, and comedians of today. They really idolize their celebrities. Say anything against Rajini and watch how quickly people unleash hell!

Additionally, if you are not Tamilian and do not intend to make fun of Tamilian culture, language, or anything else, this is a big no-no. Do not be surprised if you overhear conversations in Tamilian among Tamilians who are choosing which AR Rehman soundtrack is appropriate to feature on a Tamilian wedding playlist.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and does not cover all aspects of Tamil culture. But hopefully it will prepare you for the culture you will encounter at a Tamil wedding.

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Final Words

Tamil culture is rich with colorful traditions, dazzling dress and fiery red lips. And as you can see from these wedding photos, Tamil brides are among some of the most beautiful in India. To honor that fact, we’ve included pictures for you to take a look at here. Tamil weddings are about celebrating strength, beauty and love in all its forms – so feel free to peruse our gallery to find your favorite! We hope you enjoy it!

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