At first, marriage seems like the happiest time of your life, but it’s easy to find yourself unhappy after you say I do. In this guide on how to find happiness in marriage, you’ll learn how to avoid unnecessary arguments, how to manage money well together, and much more. Marriage can be enjoyable and fulfilling when done right, so read on to discover how to find happiness in marriage: ar rahman matrimony.

Decide on your needs

Nikah (pronounced neek-kye-ha) is a Muslim marriage wherein both man and woman are treated equally. In terms of legal rights, nikah marriages grant women more rights than other marriage contracts, but they do not grant them more power or control. Nikah marriages can be made into nikah-only contracts at any time during their duration.

The first step to finding happiness in marriage is deciding what you need from your partner before making a commitment. Do you want someone who shares your religious beliefs? Someone who shares your sense of humor? Someone who shares your career goals? A matchmaker will help you find someone who matches up well with what you’re looking for.

At Ar Rahman Matrimony, we provide a safe and secure platform for people looking for love within Islam without having to compromise on their personal beliefs.

Be positive

First, try to see things from your partner’s perspective. What does he or she want out of life? How are you helping or hurting him or her achieve those goals? These questions might seem like a no-brainer, but studies show that we often fail to consider other people’s needs and emotions.

Remember the little things

As you can see, our free muslim marriage bureau gives you access to thousands of profiles of single women and men who are looking for a match. Whether you’re searching for someone like-minded or are seeking a more worldly partner, find happiness in marriage by remembering these three little things:

  • Take time before making any major life decisions;
  • Be true to yourself first and foremost; and
  • Learn how to compromise. Only then will your heart be at peace.

Avoid trivial arguments

No marriage is perfect. Instead of getting into petty arguments over small details, cultivate a spirit of tolerance and love within your relationship and understand that sometimes little mistakes are simply part of being human. Never forget that every cloud has a silver lining! The best way to keep your marriage healthy is by communicating with each other and working together as a team.

Be sure to show each other plenty of affection, respect one another’s privacy, and avoid making assumptions about what makes your partner happy or unhappy. The more you work on these aspects of your relationship, the happier you will be together for years to come!

Enjoy your differences

The first step towards a happy marriage is knowing how to love each other. With so many cultural and religious differences out there, it might be hard for you two to know how you’re supposed to treat each other, or how love each other. As your parents and family members will tell you, it all starts by accepting and loving those little differences – they are actually what’s going to make your marriage last longer than anyone could imagine.

Respect one another

Making a marriage work takes effort from both parties, but it doesn’t have to be hard. If you enter your union with respect for one another and a willingness to compromise when necessary, there’s no reason your marriage can’t last. Respect is always going to be key in any relationship, whether it’s platonic or romantic. Understanding what respect means for both of you will help keep things on track.

It doesn’t take much time at all; some simple questions before you tie the knot (or even just share during an argument) can make sure that each of you understands what respect means, and how we’re expected to demonstrate it during our marriage.

Communicate openly and honestly about your feelings.

Communication is key to a successful marriage. But it’s not always easy, especially when you’re upset about something or you disagree on something. If you want your marriage to last for a lifetime, try and be honest about how you feel. Communication can be tricky if you don’t know what your partner wants—and talking through things isn’t always easy! How do I talk to my spouse?

Learn about each other’s past

Unfortunately, many people enter a marriage without knowing much about their spouse’s past. But, really, is it such a bad thing? People have made mistakes in their lives and it’s best to accept them for who they are now and who they want to be tomorrow. If you can learn from each other’s past, then your marriage is going to be better as a result.

Accept your partner as they are

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but accepting your partner as they are is critical to achieving true happiness. Acceptance involves trying to understand why you feel hurt or angry at times, and how to handle those feelings when they arise. If you can’t see eye-to-eye on things that are important in a marriage, like how much time each person gets for friends or whether or not you should get a dog, it’s fine for you both to stand your ground.

Do a random act of kindness for your spouse every day.

If you’re feeling unappreciated, or if your marriage feels as though it’s not as fulfilling as it could be, consider doing a random act of kindness for your spouse every day. The results will be astounding. Not only will your partner feel more loved and appreciated, but doing kind things for each other will remind you both of how fortunate you are to have each other—and how lucky you are that Allah brought each of you together.


To find happiness, it is important to consider why you are getting married. Ask yourself if you truly love your partner, or if you are looking for an escape from your current situation. Consider what kind of marriage you would like—do you want a happy, casual relationship? Or do you want a serious marriage that leads to children and family life?

If it’s serious commitment and dedication that makes your heart sing, then look for someone who shares these values as well.

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